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Ok, I'm not so sure why, but in Thailand we have the "Legendary Green Tea Frappucino",but it is not on Starbucks's menu though. What is it anyway? I wonder too, so today I got a chance during "Buy 1 Get 1 free" promotion.

I just simply said "May I get the Legendary Green Tea frappe, please?" Sounds a little bit fancy huh? 

タイのStarbucks では伝統的なお茶フラペチーノという飲み物がありますが、メイヌの中にありません。これは何ですか。私も分かりません。でも、今日はPromotionがあるので、私は飲んでみたい。[伝統的なお茶フラペチーノお願いします〜]と言って、ちょっと待ちます。

Searching from internet, a source said that the code of this drink is "XGT,FC,CJ,CC,CR,Mo,c(on top),Gt(on top)"

......ok, since we are not Starbucks's Barista, I read from the receipt,

they add more Java Chip, Coffee Jelly, Caramel Sauce, Mocha Sauce,Chocolate and Green tea powder on top.

I like the taste though, the bitterness of coffee jelly goes well with the sweetness of green tea frappe, not too sweet. It is like a big cup of dessert which after eating you should go for jogging an hour.... like what I'm gonna do now....hahah gotta go.

Hey hey just joking. Let's enjoy.

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