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" It is said that Tsugaru kites, a folkcraft of Aomori Prefecture, were first made in the 17th century by poor low-ranking members of the samurai class. Japanese kites generally have a bamboo frame, but as bamboo is difficult to grow in the Tsugaru district because of the severe cold, lightweight and supple cypress cut into thin strips is used instead. Tsugaru kites feature strong, thick lines in Japanese ink and a picture of a warrior painted in brilliant colors, predominantly red. Some kites are painted with gallant warrior images based on Sangokushi (Romance of the Three Kingdoms) and Suikoden (Water Margin) stories from Chinese classical literature."

This information is from Japan National Tourism Organization website

which has such a very clear explanation that I think it is the best way to describe about this handmade kite.


So, we bought one from Aomori. This is Mr.Sakuma; a student from Sokendai institute who will try to fly the kite.

One, two...


No, it won't....

Ok, today has no wind. Although we couldn't make it fly, the Tsugaru kite has many sizes, some sizes can be up to a big wall, so many places use this kite as decoration as well. Being more than a handmade kite,

Tsugaru kite tells people about its origin and history.

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