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At the North of Hokkaido, Nakatonbetsu Limestone Cave were found in 1933. Now it is defined as natural monument of Hokkaido. About 10 millions years before this place was the sea bottom. That’s why you can find many seashells and their prints on the stone here. From that shells and skeletal fragments of other marine organisms limestone rocks are composed. Such caves appeared in the limestone rock are very rare in Japan. There are four caves. The biggest one is open for public.


At the entrance you can take free white helmet and a small lamp. It is said that in the cave can see bats but when visit they might be sleeping.


Around the cave there is park good for walking course. The entrance fee is also free of charge. You can get more information about cave and nature at the office of the park.



From Otoineppu Station by bus - Gen on Soya Bus for Onishibetsu Terminal (鬼志別ターミナル) or Wakkanai Station Terminal (稚内駅前ターミナル), get off the bus at Nakatonbetsu Terminal (中頓別ターミナル), 80 minutes on foot

From Wakkanai Station Terminal & Hamatonbetsu Terminal by bus - Gen on Soya Bus for Otoineppu (音威子府), get off the bus at Nakatonbetsu Terminal (中頓別ターミナル), 80 minutes on foot

Opening hours 9:30-16:30 Late Apr to Late Oct



場 所 北海道枝幸郡中頓別町字旭台24の2番地 、JR宗谷本線 「音威子府」駅から稚内行バス50分、弥生下車徒歩60分

入洞料 無料 

時 間 9:30~16:30、5月下旬~10/31

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