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Dear all green tea lovers who have been stated in Bangkok

and have always been searching for that rich taste of green tea, please follow me :)

The place is called " ピース Peace Oriental Teahouse" located at Sukhumvit 49, closes to the "49 Terrace" community mall. I believe they have another branch which I've never been to...yet, so I won't mention it today. Sorry that I don't have the photo of the outside, I guess I was too excited after I found the place. Ok, let's order!

We ordered 4 things; Pastel matcha, Genmaicha, Matcha Extremist, and Koicha cream.

First is Pastel matcha, served cold. Despite adding milk, you are still be able to taste and smell the strong scent of Matcha. Plus, drinking in cold temperature is somehow very refreshing. 

四つのお茶の種類を注文しました(パステル抹茶、玄米茶、抹茶エクストリーミスト、クリーム紅茶) 第一目は、冷製パステル抹茶です。ミルクを入れずに、抹茶の香りを味わった方がいい。また、冷たいのを飲むと、心身をさわやかにする。

Genmaicha, Greentea with brunt rice, served in tiny pot with a bottle of hot water to refill. Smells super super nice. Recommend to anyone who doesn't so into milky beverage too much. 


Matcha Extremist, a scoop of very rich matcha ice cream covered with charcoal (ok, honestly I have no idea how they use "charcoal" covering like this) served with Thai style sticky rice that looks like Japanese red bean.., but it is not)

 Look at that!!!!! I love this one.

last one, Koicha Cream, Milk ice cream served with thick Matcha.

After ice cream all melted, you can ask for milk to add,

making it become another drink.

Next time you come , you might find me here :)

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