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Hokusai Great Wave

Currently at Abenoharukusu art museum, Osaka, there is an exhibition of Hokusai, a japanese artist whose famous works are "36 views of the Mount Fuji" and the most notable is "The Great Wave off Kanagawa" which he created at 70 years old.


Зараз у мастацкім музее Абенохарукусу ладзіцца выстава мастака Хокусая, сусветна вядомага сваёй серыяй "36 відаў гары Фудзі".

This exhibition is a part of project between Japan and Britain to study the last part of life of Hokusai and his art from 70 to 90 years old. Hokusai called himself at the late period as "the old man mad about art" (from wiki) also there were such words written on the wall of exhibition.

He said before die "if I can live at least 10, or 5 years more I could draw the real masterpiece." Really the words worth the man who mad about art.


Гэта выстава з'яўляецца часткай суместнага японска-ангельскага праекта па вывучэнні позняга перыяду жыцця Хокусая. З 1834 года ён пачаў выкарыстоўваць псеўданім "Стары, які апантаны мастацтвам". На сцяне галерэі ёсць такія яго словы: "Калі б я яшчэ мог пражыць 10, ці хаця б 5 гадоў, вось тады б я намаляваў сапраўдны шедэўр".

The exhibition is so popular that when Sakuma Shigeru, illustrator went there he found that there was so crowded and barely saw anything. And came up with this illustration.

The exhibition is until November 19th , 2017

住所: あべの ハルカス 美術館、〒545-6016大阪市阿倍野区阿倍野筋1-1-43あべのハルカス16階

開館時間 火~金 10:00~20:00 月土日祝 10:00~18:00 *入館は閉館30分前まで

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