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Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Christmas is just behind the corner and I believe many parties will be happened during a day or two, same as mine. Since a lot of people might be away during the season, the pop up party can't be avoided, and it is urgent! I went through Pinterest, and decided that despite the fact that Thailand has only Summer all year,

this year I will dress up as Snowflake.

What I need for this costume are very simple, but the most important one is one meter of woolen fabric..... ok and glue gun is important too. lol sorry everything is important. You need headband too, but I forgot to put it in the frame...

Simple, draw it, cut it, glue it !!! I used the leftover of woolen fabric to put in the center of the snowflake to make them be able to stand by themselves, plus, using glue gun which is plastic also will Harden the fabric. 


Next is the Poncho, really I just copied the pattern from what I have in closet,

draw it , sew it.

Sorry , I really was in hurry so I forgot to take the full photo of the shirt.

Sew up the ribbon for tiding. I bought 1 meter and cut half.

Tada!!!! The snowflake is finally in Bangkok... to be honest, the shooting day was so hot. hahaha The skirt was something I found in box which I probably bought 6 years ago.

Added on a little glitter on face and it is done.

And that was me at the early Christmas party in dance class. Specially thank  the owner of this photo and everyone in the class, it was a great time.

Merry early Christmas everyone. 

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