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Updated: May 11, 2020

wedding dress made for my best friend

Designing a wedding dress is not all... well, at least to me. I think because every bride wants to be the most beautiful on that day, but what describe "the most beautiful"?

One day, this girl, my friend since middle school came up with this question....

" Could you make a wedding dress for me?" ... Ok, how could I say No anyway. lol

I sketched the dress on her photo, I think I would be easier for her to understand my idea.

This is my draft. I don't have a specific style of working, my whole point is to make sure the customer and I are walking in the same page.

I sketched the dress on her photo because I thought it would be easier for her to understand my idea.

Ok, this not so typical bride-to-be requested her wedding to be " Puffy, Oversize with huge sleeves" (not to mention that at first she wanted her wedding dress in pink, but after I showed her the fabric I got, then she couldn't think of other things but this one. Good job Hana)

To Thais, this is NOT what usually wedding dress look, so.. who I was so afraid at most was her mom. hahaha. but she said her daughter looked very beautiful in it. My work was done.


This is one of my favourite photos.

My dear friend,

It has been more than 20 years since the first day we met. We are not the 24/7 bestie bff friends type, but to me, once you are "the friend", you will always be, and nothing more important than seeing you happy. Thank you for let me being a part of your journey :)

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